Aragonian still life


Christo Stankulov said...

A, първата е мгно красива, демек горната. Я, дай без мазгите да видя.

The Artist Within Us said...

Greetings Arslan,

Both of these Aragonian still-life photographs have a special quality, it is the first one in which the items are larger that the image is a much stronger one then the second photograph.

Though I like he folds of the drapery in the second, I am bothered by the appearance of the pitcher not being clear as in the first photograph.

The way you have placed and folded the napkin on the first photograph is excellent and the more I study your two examples, I tell you that the first image is the best.

The only thing I would have done is move into the set a little bit closer, making the bowl and pitcher with the napkin the primary focus. In doing so, I would have brought the focal point also a little more to the lower left as not to be to centered.

This is based on the Dutch 'Golden Age' of still-life painting during the 17th century.

Bottom line is that you should still be proud of your accomplishments and view my comment as artistic difference in the way we interpret what we each see.

Thank you for sharing and ll the very best during this holiday season,

Arslan Ahmedov said...

Dear Egmont,
thank you for this amazing comment. You made me happy for a long time. I wish to know english better and can give answer like you comment my works.. You are so kind, thanks again ...
All The Best in the coming new year..

rosso said...

Fantásticas estas dos imágenes.
Totalmente bellas y eseciales.
(sin ningún artificio)

Arslan Ahmedov said...

rosso - muchas gracias! :)


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