J'arrive à la ville


The Artist Within Us said...

I am gentle reminded of two things when looking at your latest offering; the French photographer Aget and my own personal memories of riding on a train in Germany while looking out of the window at the landscape.

I looked over your sidebar list of photographer names and see that my personal favorite is missing. He just died a month ago at the age of 92, his name is Irving Penn.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

Arslan Ahmedov said...

Hi Egmont,
I`m really glad to know that this work brings to you some memories. I`m happy everytime when one of my works touch others in that way.
I love his works too! I have so many favorite autors from his level, every one of them are masters, but I do not add them in my list, because they are known by everyone!
Thank you, I wish to you too

Joel said...

Vraiment superbe !!!!!!
Tes clichés sont remarquables !!

Klaudia J said...

Wonderful work!

Arslan Ahmedov said...

Thank you for your visit and comments Klaudia :)


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