My Frida - La Llorona


malex said...

страхотна серия :)
мисля че първата снимка най-много ми харесва :)

Arslan Ahmedov said...

Благодаря ти Алекс, и на мен първата ми е най-любима!

dalejnic said...


My name is UrszulaKK and I'm writing on my own, as well as nEgoist's (the
publisher) behalf.
I've just came accross your works and I think that you are really
intriguing and creative person. That's why I would like to invite you
to be a part of a certain place. We want to create a community of
creative and unique people that would like to work together on
projects and common goals. That's why I would like to ask you if I
could send you an invitation to join the community.

All best,

Arslan Ahmedov said...

dalejnic: Hello,
sorry for my late answer and
thanks for kind words.
Thanks for invitation too!
I visite the site and I can say that I`m very impressed. Its really abnormal place and I will be proud to be part of you.
All best,


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